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Abdominal aortic rupture with retroperitoneal hematoma

A 73-year-old patient with abdominal pain was brought from Kharkov with a diagnosis of aneurysm of the abdominal aorta with hematoma of the retroperitoneal space.

CT angiography: aneurysm of the abdominal aorta with retroperitoneal hematoma on the left (rupture)
Retractor – an essential device for aortic prosthetics
The size of the aneurysm is more than 10 cm
The main thing is accuracy in isolating the neck of the aneurysm
Vascular prosthesis inside the aneurysmal sac

In the postoperative period, the patient developed abdominal compartment syndrome with renal failure, which required 4 hemodialysis sessions.

Nasal high flow ventilation due to breathing problems (high levels of diaphragm domes caused by abdominal compartment syndrome). 8th day after surgery
Motomed letto 2 – the best device for the rehabilitation of bedridden patients
16 days after aortic replacement for its rupture. We send to Kharkov by “self-propelled”