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Case of schwannoma with invasion of the left carotid artery

Patient S., 60 years old, turned to the Center for Head and Neck Pathology of the Feofania Clinical Hospital with complaints of a massive neoplasm in the left neck region.

Computed angiography before surgery.
Tumor invasion into the internal carotid artery.

In order to comply with the rule of radicality and removal of the tumor in one block, it was decided to remove the tumor together with a section of the internal carotid artery and to replace it with an autovein.

Auto vein in the position of the left internal carotid artery: “A” – proximal anastomosis with the common carotid artery; “Б” – distal anastomosis of the vein end-to-end with the internal carotid artery.
Postoperative computed angiography. The arrows (inside the circle) indicate the autovenous bypass.
Postoperative computed angiography. The arrow indicates the autovenous bypass (enlarged picture).

The patient underwent a transient ischemic attack in the left carotid system without focal brain damage on CT and was safely discharged on the 6th postoperative day.

View of the suture at the time of the patient’s discharge from the hospital.
The moment of suturing the blood zone in the proximal anastomosis of the autovein with the common carotid artery.