For patients

I assembled tractor in the country

A strong man of about 65 y. o. entered the ultrasound room: “Good afternoon. I came to you for a planned EchoCG.”

“Are you worried about something? Why you say it’s “planned” echocardiography? Did you have heart problems?” the doctor asked, looking at the well-built man.

A year after CABG from mini-access

“Nothing bothers me actually,” the patient replied. “I was told that after heart surgery I need to do a planned echocardiogram once a year. I underwent coronary artery bypass grafting. And a year has already passed.”

Patient’s echocardiography: no myocardial contractility abnormalities

“What kind of life do you live?” asked the doctor, carefully trying to find the postoperative scar. “I assembled tractor in the country. I work the land, grow grapes,” the man replied calmly, not realizing what the doctor was looking so meticulously on his chest for.

And where is the scar? Was there an operation even?

Arrows – holes for thoracoscopy; line – scar

The uniqueness of the surgery from the mini-access with the non-touch aorta technique – is the ability to perform an incision exactly along the natural fold.