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Ozaki’s operation with MV and TV repare in pt with an ejection fraction of 19%.

Patient M. 73 y. old was admitted to the clinic with decompensated heart failure (EF 19%, EDV 240 ml, ascites, edema on the legs, NTproBNP 28000)

LV ejection fraction 19%, pulmonary artery pressure 74 mm Hg; mean gradient on the aortic valve as low as 16 mm Hg with critical stenosis (orifice area 0.53 cm2)
Here is such a patient’s left ventricular ejection fraction!

One week after therapy in the cardiology department of Feofaniya (6 liters of ascitic fluid were removed, with a daily negative water balance in total minus 4 liters). NTproBNP decreased to 2800 units.

mitral valve insufficiency persists after conservative treatment
tricuspid valve insufficiency persists after conservative treatment
increased gradient on the aortic valve after conservative treatment, EF also grown up to 30% and decreased EDV up to 202 ml

The council decided to perform the reconstruction of the mitral, tricuspid valves and the Ozaki operation.

intraoperative photo after the formation of new leaflets
ME LAX: intraoperative video of transesophageal echocardiography (no regurgitation on the aortic valve) long azis view
ME AV SAV: intraoperative video of the aortic valve after Ozaki surgery (short axis view)
Deep gastric view – no insufficiency on the tricuspid valve

The postoperative period was uneventful. The patient was discharged on the 8th day and independently reached home 450 km from the clinic.

type of wound on the 7th day, a small hematoma in the suture area
The patient independently traveled from Kiev to Odessa and sent a video from his own private home (9 days after the operation)